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CA Software: Case Study of Baheti & Somani LLP

How our CA Software addressed challenges of Baheti & Somani LLP.

Baheti & Somani LLP (B&S) is a team of chartered accountants and professionals based in Pune. They offer a range of financial services, which includes taxation, auditing and various other compliances relating to financial laws.

They have clients from various industry sectors, starting from manufacturing, retail, and trading, including HNIs, SMEs, Corporates and MNCs.


Chartered Accountant

Team Size

More than 50



Purpose of Using CRM

Activities & Task Management

Initially, Warmex was using excel to manage the majority of its business processes.

As the company’s customer base and product varieties grew, warmex faced difficulties managing services and tickets.

Soon they realised that the system they were using wasn’t enough to address their challenges. And that’s when they decided to switch to a Dedicated Solution to solve their challenges.

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Challenges Faced by Baheti & Somani Team

Before adopting Sangam CRM, Baheti and Somani encountered numerous challenges managing their business processes through Excel, leading to difficulties tracking and managing the activities. 

Following were the challenges faced by Baheti & sumani Team:

  • Quantifying Tasks: Baheti & Somani Team was finding challenges in quantifying the tasks and activities performed by various team members for different clients.

  • Activity Tracking: Baheti team was also finding difficulties in tracking the status of different activities performed by the team, as there was no proper system in place.

    Most of the activities that B&S manages needs to be completed within the time frame, and as a result, they need to have a proper tracking mechanism to meet them on time.

  • Delayed or Missed Communication: Most of the tasks performed by the B&S team involved different steps; each step has its importance and implications.

    Some steps required timely communication with clients and government authorities, which were sometimes missed or delayed due to the absence of a system.

How we addressed their Challenges through CA Software.

Upon implementing Sangam CRM, B&S experienced significant improvements in their business process. They were able to easily handle different activities such as GST, TDS, Auditing, Profession Tax, Income Tax and other miscellaneous projects through Sangam CRM.

  • Quantification of Activities: Through activity module they were able to quantify the tasks and relate each tasks and activity with the client.

  • Effective Status Tracking: Sangam CRM also allowed Baheti and Team to track the real-time status of activities, which allowed management and team leaders to monitor the progress of each activity effortlessly.  This enhanced accountability and efficiency in task completion.

Key Modules/Features used by Baheti & Somani LLP

OPR Dashboard

To analyse the activities created by different team members.

Activities Module

To create & Manage various activities such as GST, TDS, Auditing, Profession Tax, Income Tax and other miscellaneous projects.

Customisations & Integration

Dynamic Fields Customisation

Our team had set various dependency criteria within the module. This configuration allowed users to see only relevant fields based on the activity and task type. This ensured that users only see necessary fields related to a particular activity.

Auto Assignment of Activity

Sangam CRM allowed the Baheti team to set a workflow whereby, upon completion of specific activities by a designated user, the system would automatically assign the task to another user from the designated team to proceed with further actions.

Elevate Your Practice with our CA Software

Sangam CRM isn’t just a tool, it’s a partner in your CA practice’s growth journey. With features designed specifically for Chartered Accountants, Sangam CRM empowers you to excel in client relationships, task management, and strategic growth.

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