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Beheti & Somani
Case Study
CA Software: Case Study of Baheti & Somani LLP

Before adopting Sangam CRM, Baheti and Somani encountered numerous challenges managing their business processes through Excel, leading to difficulties tracking and managing the activities. Read the case study to learn how our CA Software addressed their Challenges.

Case Study
Manufacturing CRM: Case Study of Warmex

Initially, Warmex was using excel to manage the majority of its business processes. As the company’s customer base and product varieties grew, warmex faced difficulties managing services and tickets. Soon they realised that the system they were using wasn’t enough to address their challenges. And that’s when they decided to switch to a Dedicated Solution to solve their challenges.

Value Point
Case Study
IT CRM: Case Study of Value Point System

Value Point System knew that having this extensive portfolio and catering to clients worldwide wouldn’t be easy without a tool. And that is when they started using CRM in their Business.

They tried various CRMs. They even started using a very renowned and Multi-National CRM. But, it was very Inflexible, complex & costly

Case Study
IT CRM: Case Study of Capricot

Discover how Capricot overcame operational challenges with Sangam CRM. From lead tracking to sales forecasting, customer engagement to support management, our case study showcases how Sangam CRM streamlined Capricot’s processes, transforming them into a model of efficiency and excellence.

Manufacturing CRM
Case Study
Manufacturing CRM: Case Study of Cosmos Impex

Cosmos Impex is a CNC Machine Tool manufacturing company based in Vadodara. They have a very strong presence in the Indian market. With time, as their team expanded, the complexity of managing sales, people and processes increased. As a result, they started looking for CRM. Read the case study to know more.

Insurance CRM
Other Industries
Insurance CRM: Case Study of Autohanger Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.

Autohanger has partnered with different policy providers to provide their customers with a variety of policies to choose from. The major challenge for AutoHangar was to track or identify the progress of the client’s insurance. This they overcomed through our Insurance CRM. Read the case study to know more.

Manufacturing CRM
Manufacturing CRM: Case Study of Mr. Kitchen

Mr. Kitchen is a modular kitchen manufacturer based in Pune. Before Sangam CRM, they explored other CRMs and tools, which turned out to be expensive & didn’t offer much customisation, which Mr. Kitchen Team was looking for. Read their case study to know how Sangam CRM address their challenges.