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IT CRM: Case Study of Value Point System

How CRM addressed challenges of Value Point System, South Asia’s leading IT Company.

Value Point System, a 30-year-old Bangalore-based company, is one of South Asia’s leading Digital Systems & Service Integrators.

They have collaborated with numerous IT Partners to help their clients achieve their respective goals by delivering innovative, optimum solutions and services.


IT Service

Team Size

More than 300


Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai

Purpose of Using CRM

Sales Management

Softline Group recently acquired Value Point Systems, and with this acquisition, the value point system aims to strengthen it’s business and capabilities.

So far, Value Point Systems have catered its service to over 15,000 large enterprises and SMEs worldwide, including Fortune 500 customers. Their Portfolio includes Cyber Security, Data Centre Modernization, Network Transformation, Cloud Transformation, Digital Workspace & IT Managed Services.

How they Found Enjay’s CRM?

Value Point System knew that having this extensive portfolio and catering to clients worldwide wouldn’t be easy without a tool. And that is when they started using CRM in their Business.

They tried various CRMs. They even started using a very renowned and Multi-National CRM. But, it was very Inflexiblecomplex & costly

Later, they discovered that many of the Major Players in their vertical were Happily using Enjay’s CRM as they were getting the required results.

And that is when they decided to switch over to Enjay’s CRM, and It’s been two years now; Value Point System has been using our CRM, which is economical, user-friendly & flexible.

Their Major Challenges & How Enjay addressed them

  • Value Point System wanted a Single Dashboard Reporting System from where managers could get quick insights and take required actions. But as they have multiple divisions, their data was very scattered.

    Enjay’s CRM simply centralized Value Point’s entire data. And through Enjay’s OPR (Open, Periodic, and Result) dashboard, their goal of Single Dashboard reporting was fulfilled.

    Sangam CRM has a Revolutionary OPR Dashboard that makes the reporting easy and standardized.

  • Sales heads responsible for different solutions/services were unable to track the progress of prospects within the sales funnel.

    The OPR dashboard of our CRM allowed Managers of the Value Point System to quickly and conveniently identify available prospects and opportunities in the pipeline.

    The OPR dashboard also provides details like numbers of leads and opportunities, sales-person, and product-wise.

    One can easily create Projection Reports in CRM. The projection keeps the team on track; this allows the manager to take timely actions when things are not going right.

Key Modules/Features used by Capricot

Sales Modules

They use our Modules such as Lead, Opportunity, Contact & Account to collect & manage information about prospects & clients.

Report Module

They use our CRM Reports for creating sales forecasts (Weekly & Quarterly), for measuring achieved sales - product-wise and salesperson-wise, and for measuring their team’s activities.

Activities Module

They use our activity module for timely follow-ups with OEMs.

Customisations & Integration

Field-level Customizations

They made few Field Level customizations in CRM which significantly contributed to their forecast reporting. Some field-level customizations also helped them prioritize opportunities in the pipeline, allowing sales agents to focus more on opportunities where it is required most

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