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Manufacturing CRM: Case Study of Cosmos Impex

How Cosmos, CNC manufacturer is managing their Sales Process through our Manufacturing CRM.

Cosmos Impex is a successful high-technology CNC Machine Tool manufacturer. It was established in 1987 and has robust manufacturing systems, and advanced technologies.

Their products include HMCs, CNC Turret Lathes, Horizontal/Vertical Machining Centres and CNC Vertical Machining Centres.



Team Size

More than 60



They enjoy a strong presence in the Indian market and are one of the leading importers of quality imported machined components and assemblies. Recently, they entered into IT field and also came up with software products. 

They are a reputed exporter of machined components and assemblies to the European market.  Their team strength goes above 700+. Total turnover ( 2018-19) over USD 45+ Million with over USD 6 Million in exports.

Challenges Faced by Cosmos

As their team expanded, the complexity of managing sales, people and processes increased. Challenges faced by Cosmos are as follows:

  • Before using Sangam CRM, they used a customized solution where they use to manage stock and used excel for sales management.

    They wanted to have one solution that should take care of lead management to follow up to get their sales deal close.

  • Their lead source is reference and website, but keeping an eye on that leads was difficult because they get leads on mail but again, maintaining and keeping track of “what conversation they had with customers?”  “had they addressed lead or not?”  was not maintaining properly.

  • They have a long sales cycle, and their sales duration may go up to six months to get sales close up. If multiple people get involved in one sales process, which was managed in excel then it was hard for them to know what conversation they had before with customers.

  • They were even facing problems in making quotations. They have many products that go as a suggested product with the main product quotation.

    Their quotation sending process has two main levels, initially sending quotation with the standard pricing and then revised quotation after negotiation process with the customer.

  • They used to make quotations with different formate in doc files manually. Second, there are suggested products which should come in quotation with relation to the main product; managing all this every time manually was hard for them.

  • In their quotation sending process, two different teams get involved. Quotation is prepared by the back office team and finally sent by a sales team. Managing this manually through the doc was creating a lot of complexity for them.

  • They used separate tools or Platforms to manage leads, quotations & most of their business functions. Because of this, their data were scattered over different platforms.

  • To manage the progress of individual data across the different platforms was the major challenge.

    As there was no single platform to maintain all records and detail, It was hard to make business analyses from the scattered data.


  • They were not able to generate reports for their business like “how many machines got sold at this particular month?” “who created most leads from the team?” “How many leads are getting converted into opportunities?”

  • Before, generating customization reports and analyzing them was impossible as data were recorded on different platforms.

  • Before, it was hard for them to take follow up on customer  pending payments, like “how much payment has been left from the customer?” “Date on which to call the customer for a follow-up?”

Situation After using our Sangam CRM

  • After implementing a CRM system, the company found solutions to many of its problems.

  • Lead management process became manageable as all leads started getting records in lead module.

    Now, sales manager can assign that lead to particular sales team member. Assign person will do follow up and update what conversation they had with customer. 

  • Through the above process, sales management became smooth, all details and record of particular customer started getting saved in one place, anyone from the team(who has access) can able to check the sales status and take update.

  • The most significant benefit was in the form of quotations. Now, they could send quotations with many related group products, with prices and features through a single click.

  • We gave them a lot of customization options in the quotation module according to their business requirements.

  • They have three types of offers with customers, standard offer, final offer, and revised offer. We designed the quotation formatting according to their business model.

  • There are a lot of terms and conditions with their quotations. In our Sangam  CRM, we have designed a special quotations format for them which come automatically after choosing the quotation type to make their work process easy.

  • Two different teams are involved in the quotation process, a quotation is prepared by the back office team and sent by the sales team.

  • Now, As they started using Sangam CRM, all details and activities of every particular customer are available in their account details in one place.

    So, once the lead is created, the back office team drafts a quotation, and from there only, the sales team varifies and sends the final quotation.

  • In Sangam CRM, now everything gets recorded in one place, means, no scattered data, which also leads to generating reports very easily.

    Now, they can able to drive reports on regular, weekly, or monthly baises according to their requirement.

  • Major reports which they use are Sales report like “expected sales vs. achieved sales of particular month”, Lead reports like “How many leads are getting converted into opportunities?” “Who has created more leads in particular month” and expense reports like “ cost of per executive visit to customer place.

  • After using Sangam CRM, their analytical capability has also improved. Now they can play with live data and customized reports through grouping and even export that data if required. 

  • In Sangam CRM, we have one particular module as a payment module. This module helps in keeping track of how much payment from a particular customer is outstanding and the expected payment date, which really helped them in managing their payment follow-up and cash flow management.

    In this way, after using our Sangam CRM, their overall sales flow improved which leads to better sales revenue then before.

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