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Sangam CRM

Sangam CRM: Best Alternative to Practice Management Software for Chartered Accountants

In the world of Chartered Accountancy, success depends on strong client relationships and efficient operations. Traditional systems have their place, but Sangam CRM brings something more.
– A chance to boost your practice beyond the usual.

How CRM can help Chartered Accountants

Traditional systems do well with tasks, but they often miss the mark on building relationships and planning growth. With CRM, you can organize interactions, track tasks, and manage deadlines.

CRM can fill the gaps that traditional Practice Management software can’t.

What all Activities it can Manage

CRM can handle a wide array of Chartered Accountant (CA) activities, including GST, audits, profession tax, Income tax, TDS, certifications, and various other miscellaneous projects related to accounting. With Sangam CRM, every task finds its place, ensuring efficient tracking and management.

Benefits of Using CRM for CA Firms

The nature of CA work involves juggling multiple tasks,
Effectively Manage GST, TDS, Auditing, Profession Tax, Income Tax and other miscellaneous projects with CRM.a


CRM can provide CA firms, a secure hub to handle all the documents such as PAN Card, GST Certificate, Aadhar Card, TDS Certificates & various other documents.


CAs regularly engage with Clients through emails, calls, and meetings.
CRM keeps record of these interactions and it ensures consistent & accurate communication


CRM provides a centralized database to organize client's information.
With CRM, you can easily access your clients information, history, and services provided.


Effectively Run WA, Email & SMS campaigns & generate more leads.
With CRM you can manage leads, make timely follow-ups so to covert potential leads into your customer.


CAs provide diverse services; a client using one service can become a client for another service.
CRM can empower you to identify such opportunities for cross-selling.

Why Choose Sangam CRM?

Revolutionary OPR Dashboard & Reporting

Through Open Periodic & Result Dashboard, Users and Managers can easily detect activities and task that are In Progress, Completed & those that have been Missed.

Effortless Integration of Master Data

While creating activity, CRM can retrive relavant information from Client Master once it is related with any Client.
This can significantly reduces the time & effort of user.

Automating Repetitive Activities

Many activities performed by CA are repetative which are required to be done monthly, Quaterlly and Annually.
Through Recurring Activity, such activities can be automated.

Task-Relevant Fields

CRM displays relevant fields for input based on the user's chosen task category.
This allow users to only focus on collecting necessary informations and saves their time & effort.

Automate Activity Assignment

In CRM, workflows can be configured to auto-assign tasks to other user after one user finishes an activity.
e.g. Invoicing & Payment Follow-up can be reassigned to the Account team.

Advance Client data Security

With Sangam CRM, one can easily set record as well as feild level restrictions.
This ensures that the sensitive information of clients is accessible only to authorized users.

Read Case Study

Read our case study to know “How Sangam CRM addressed challenges of Baheti & Somani”, a CA firm based in Pune.

Elevate Your Practice with Sangam CRM

Sangam CRM isn’t just a tool, it’s a partner in your CA practice’s growth journey. With features designed specifically for Chartered Accountants, Sangam CRM empowers you to excel in client relationships, task management, and strategic growth.