Unleashing WhatsApp Chatbots: Transforming Lead Gen, Customer Service, Events and more

In this article, I will share how we use WhatsApp Chatbot to capture leads, provide customer service, and conduct event registrations. We also use this for Surveys. 

We have also implemented this for many other clients, but I am sharing Enjay’s use case. At the end of the article, I will also share a few different use cases.

WhatsApp Chatbot and CRM Integration requirements.

  1. Lead Generation. 
    • We get leads from Websites, Meta Ads, and WhatsApp campaigns. 
    • We have directed all the leads to our WhatsApp Chatbot. 
    • With the help of Chatbot, we have automated lead capturing directly into Sangam CRM. 
    • Not only that, but it also helps us in the lead qualification process. 
    • It saves our sales team a lot of time.

  2. Handling Customer Service. 
    • We provide Support for our customers. 
    • Many of the queries are repeat queries. 
    • So, we need a Chatbot that includes support videos and documentation and creates tickets in the CRM.

  3. Managing event registration. 
    • We frequently conduct events for our customers and partners. 
    • Every time they register for the event, they must fill out everything repeatedly. 
    • We want a chatbot that gives them details about the event and two options: interested or not. 
    • Chatbots automatically register them if they are interested and create an entry in Sangam CRM. 

  4. Conducting Surveys
    • Often, we do surveys for our customers and partners. 
    • Using Google Forms and other means is too cumbersome, so we wanted a fast solution. 
    • Whenever someone has to respond to a survey, they must fill in all the essential details repeatedly.

Integrating WhatsApp Chatbot with Sangam CRM can reduce work by automation. However, the more significant benefit is that it is available 24/7.

Technical Pre-requisites

You don’t need to worry; our support team and implementation partners will fulfil the following requirements. 
  1. You need a WhatsApp Business API (WABA) account to create WhatsApp chatbots. We currently use Gallabox. Sangam CRM and Gallabox have deep integration. 
  2. Any other platform can also be integrated either using API calls or Integration platforms like Zapier and Pabbly. 
  3. Sangam CRM, Obviously. 
  4. Configure a Chatbot on the WhatsApp Platform. 
  5. Integration with Sangam CRM requires a basic understanding of API Integration.

Learn to design a Chatbot – Download PDF now.

Capture Leads in Sangam CRM using WhatsApp Chatbot Automation

  1. We get Leads through Meta Advertisements; these leads land directly on our WhatsApp Chatbot. 
  2. When our website visitors show interest in our product, they also interact with our WhatsApp Chatbot. Even when we advertise on Google, first, the visitors go to the website, and from there, they go to Chatbot.
  3. The third way we generate leads is through WhatsApp campaigns, so when someone replies, that Chatbot takes over. 
  4. The Chatbot first asks them basic questions and then takes their contact details. 
  5. Once the Chatbot captures contact details, it creates a lead in our CRM with all the details it has. 
  6. After creating the lead, Chatbot helps the visitor book a demo appointment. 
  7. CRM even captures the prospects who dropped off. Then, our Sales team can follow up with them. 

Video – Watch the working of Lead creation from WhatsApp to Sangam CRM.

Benefits of Capturing Leads into CRM Using Chatbot

  1. We get confirmed booked demo appointments.   
  2. Lead qualification and scoring happen automatically. 
  3. Chatbot is available 24/7 for instant response and reply to the prospects. 
  4. If the lead is from an existing customer (Account or contact), it is automatically tagged and linked, helping us get a 360-degree view of the customers’ interests and activities. 
  5. For existing clients, Chatbot greets them in a personalised way by fetching the details from CRM. 
  6. We don’t need to do any data entry manually, and everything is automatic.

Integrating WhatsApp with Sangam CRM helps provide a very personalised experience to customers and prospects. The Chatbot can get personalisation data from the CRM in real time. 

Providing Customer Support using WhatsApp Chatbot integrated with Sangam CRM.

Here, I am providing an example of our product, “Sugam Tally Cloud.” However, these ideas can be used for any support. 
  1. On the Sugam cloud login screen, we have added an option to send us WhatsApp messages for Support. Thus, it is easy for our users to connect with us. 
  2. When the customer requests for Support Support, the Chatbot gives them a list of the 9 most common issues. 
  3. Once the user selects the issue, the Chatbot serves a video and a step-by-step guide in PDF format to resolve it. 
  4. After 5 minutes, the Chatbot again queries the user to determine whether the issue is resolved or help is required. 
  5. The ticket is created and marked as CLOSED if the user says the issue is resolved. 
  6. If the user says the issue is unresolved, the Chatbot will create the ticket and keep it open. 
  7. If the user does not select the issue, a ticket is created. 
  8. The ticket gets related to the CRM contact (of the customer) automatically

Video – Watch the working of Ticket Creation from WhatsApp to Sangam CRM.

Challenges faced in using WhatsApp Chatbots for Customer Service:

  1. Customers used to call us at any number and send WhatsApp messages to individual numbers. 
  2. It took severe efforts and continuous communication to bring all the support queries to one single WhatsApp number. 
  3. Before creating the Chatbot, we analysed tickets raised in the last 100 days and the top problems that customers face. 
  4. After that, We created videos for the top 3 issues. 
  5. Then, we tested them for a few days. Our goal is to confirm whether those videos helped our clients overcome the problem. 
  6. We also accompanied PDF files with step-by-step instructions on how to resolve those issues. 
  7. Once we were sure videos and PDF files were helpful, we designed and created the Chatbot. 
  8. Even after creating the Chatbot, many customers did not use it. We had to make calls to convince them to use it. 
  9. Customers started using the Chatbot once they realised that it solved their problems. 
  10. Another thing we must do continuously is update our customer database because many times, people send messages from non-registered numbers. This has to be done manually by calling the user who interacted with the Chatbot.

Creating a WhatsApp Chatbot without CRM integration is only half the job done. Once we integrate it with CRM, automation will be complete.

WhatsApp Chatbot to register for Events in Sangam CRM.

Sangam CRM has an event module for managing events. It can handle Registrations, feedback, and many other things. 
  1. We will send the target audience a WhatsApp campaign with the event details. Since the target audience is already in the CRM, we know the audience very well and have complete data for them. 
  2. They get two buttons to choose from: “Interested” or “Not Interested”
  3. If they select “Interested,” they are added automatically, which saves the participants a lot of time and hassle. 
  4. Additionally, if we require more details or input from the interested participants, we can ask them more questions using Chatbot. 

WhatsApp Chatbot for Customer Surveys and update CRM.

  1. We can use a regular Chatbot or WhatsApp “FLOW”, a recently introduced feature by Meta. 
  2. We send the survey questions with possible options. These options are shown as “Buttons” in their WhatsApp Chat. 
  3. Once they select their option, it is recorded in the CRM.

Some other use cases of Chatbot Integration with CRM.

The use-cases mentioned below will save lot of human effort and improve customer experience significantly. 
  1. Ecommerce companies can use it to follow up with abandoned carts or even help customer track their delivery. Completely integrated with CRM. 
  2. Hotel Industries can use the WhatsApp chatbot for helping the clients book the rooms and also inform them various things about their arrival and other facilities available in the hotel. 
  3. Debt collection agencies can use these chatbots to allow their borrowers to make payments and also inform them about the outstanding amount.
  4. AND many more, if you can think of it, we can do it. [period].

WhatsApp Business API Integration is available by default in the Sangam CRM, Even in the free version. Try Sangam CRM today.

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