Boost Your Business Communication with CRM WhatsApp Integration

Seamlessly Connect, Communicate, and Convert with Sangam CRM WhatsApp Integration. Use WA Business API for Chatbots, campaigns, and notifications on WhatsApp.
Sangam crm whatsapp integration

Why CRM WhatsApp Integration?

Sangam CRM is tightly integrated with WhatsApp Business API and Android App.
Automate Communication and Seize Every Opportunity

Boost automation and seize every opportunity by automating your communication processes.

Achieve Next-Level Efficiency with excellent Communication

Experience a new era of communication efficiency, maximizing every business opportunity.

Advantages of Sangam CRM Integration with WhatsApp

Sangam CRM offers a robust integration with WhatsApp, providing a comprehensive set of features to enhance your marketing strategies.

Run Targeted Drip Marketing WhatsApp Campaigns

Strategically plan and execute drip marketing campaigns within Sangam CRM. Utilize the integrated database to target specific audiences and run effective campaigns seamlessly.

Utilise Message Templates with CTA Buttons and Quick Replies

Harness the power of the Official WhatsApp API to create engaging message templates. Include call-to-action buttons and quick replies for interactive communication, directing users to your website or facilitating quick responses.

Instant Auto Alerts on Lead or Ticket Creation/Updates

Implement workflows within Sangam CRM to automatically send alerts via WhatsApp as soon as a lead or ticket is created or updated. Keep your customers engaged and ensure your team is notified promptly.

Design Engaging WhatsApp Chatbots for Lead and Ticket Generation

Create customized and engaging chatbots using the WhatsApp API. Develop flows for lead generation, ticket creation, event registration, and more. Seamlessly integrate bot interactions with Sangam CRM to automate lead and ticket creation processes.

Why Choose Sangam CRM?

Run Campaigns Without WhatsApp API

Utilize the Sangam CRM Mobile App to run drip campaigns for lead nurturing without the need for WhatsApp API. Our algorithm sends messages to the target audience sequentially, saving on message charges.

Create Chatbot for Lead Generation

Build WhatsApp chatbots for free using Sangam CRM. Auto-tag contacts based on user-provided intents and engage with your audience. This feature is available on Android phones.

Create Quick Reply Templates

In Sangam CRM, create pre-defined templates for frequently used messages such as bank details and addresses. Send these messages by clicking on the WhatsApp icon next to contact details.

Don't Miss Out on Seamless Efficiency!

Say goodbye to operational bottlenecks and embrace a new era of efficiency. Contact us today to embark on this transformative journey.