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Best Practice Management Software for CA

Centralised Client Management

Sangam's system manages client groups, individuals, and contacts, providing access to upload documents and track tasks. Clients access payment histories and balances easily.

Holistic Task & Activity Management

Sangam helps manage tasks, track progress, automate tasks via email, create recurring activities, and analyze time spent.

Quotation Management

Sangam securely manages important documents like PAN, GST, Aadhar. Get payment reminders and generate receipts easily. Predict cash flow.

Sangam CRM: The Most Flexible Debt Collection Software

Integrated Payment Collection Software

Integrate calls, WhatsApp, SMS, and email. Manage call outcomes and follow-up dates. Flexible debt collection software.

Improve Agent Performance

Automatically assign records to agents, saving time and effort. Allocate based on recovery or agent availability.

Ready for third party debt collection Agency

Create custom debt recovery process for banks, import data intelligently to CRM, integrate with loan and payment systems.

Sangam CRM is the Best CRM for IT companies

Sales Management

Keep track of leads, stage progress, and decide wisely. Set qualification standards for focused sales efforts. Identify cross-selling opportunities. Align sales with goals.

Contract Management

Track contract renewals, subscriptions, and maintenance contracts in CRM. Automate renewals, reminders, and preventive maintenance for client satisfaction.

Quotation Management

Track quote changes, guarantee clients get precise proposals. Sync approved quotes with ERP for seamless sales. Manage product info efficiently.