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How CRM can help IT Companies

CRM can offer IT companies a range of benefits & functionalities tailored to their needs. These functionalities allow them to streamline their workflows, provide exceptional customer experiences, and achieve sustainable growth in the competitive IT landscape

What all Activities CRM can Manage

CRM possesses the capability to manage a diverse array of business processes, encompassing Sales Management, Service Management, Marketing Management, and Business Process Management.

Activities Managed by CRM for IT Companies

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Sales Management

Lead Management

Manage Leads coming for different Products, from different sources such as Webiste, Indiamart, JustDial, Social Media etc Assign them & easily track their progress.

Know Sales Pipeline

Know open leads and Opportunities right on the Revolutionary OPR Dashboard. See pipeline of your entire sales team as well as of specific Agent.

Followup Management

Know lead & opportunity followups from a dashboard. Know today's followups, overdue followups & upcoming followups.

Create Quotations

Create & Send Quotations from CRM. As product details are available on product master, quotation creation process gets super easy.

Ticket & AMC Management

Ticket Management

Bring Tickets from Website, Email & SMS to your CRM. Since tickets get created in CRM, it makes ticket tracking easy

Contract Management

Create contracts and set reminders. Setting contract renewal reminders in CRM allows you to collect renewals before expiry.

Marketing Management

Campaign Management

Create Email/SMS/WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns to nurture your leads. Stay in touch with your existing customers, or create engaging campaigns to bring new leads.

Interactive Chatbot

Build an interactive Reply Response based WhatsApp Chatbot for. Our CRM enables converting chats into leads and tickets seamlessly

Report Management

Report Management

Know lead & opportunity followups from a dashboard. Know today's followups, overdue followups & upcoming followups.

OPR Dashboard

Through Open Periodic & Result Dashboard, Users and Managers can easily detect activities and task that are In Progress, Completed & those that have been Missed.

Available Integrations

Website Integration

Tally Integration

Telephony Integration

Marketplace Integration

WhatsApp Integration

Email Integration

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