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Insurance CRM: Case Study of Autohanger Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.

How AHI Insurance broker, is managing Sales and Helpdesk with Sangam CRM

Autohanger is India’s one of the leading franchise partners of Mercedes-Benz.

Along with selling Luxury cars, one of the divisions of Autohanger, i.e. AHI Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd. also looks after selling insurance to customers.

AHI has partnered with different policy providers to provide their customers with a variety of policies to choose from.



Team Size

More than 50



Purpose of Using CRM

Sales and Service Management

Along with selling the insurance to customers who have bought vehicles from their outlets, a separate team also looks after selling the insurance to outside customers.

They had been managing the entire process of pitching the insurance policy to customers, to issuing the policy for customers through Excel.

AHI faced some major challenges while handling this process through excel; let’s look at their challenges.

Challenge Face by AHI Team

Following were the challenges faced by AHI. 
  1. The insurance selling process consists of different stages. The major challenge for AutoHangar was to track or identify the progress of the client’s insurance.

    • Whether a client has finalized any insurance,
    • Whether clients have made the payments, 
    • Whether the Account team has received the payment,
    • Whether the team has collected required documents,
    • Whether the team has issued the insurance policy,
    • Whether the insurance has been dispatched to the client. 
    • Whether the client has received the insurance policy and required invoice. 

    This might have resulted in customer dissatisfaction if the client had made the payments, but he/she didn’t get the timely delivery of policy as the proper tracking was not in place.

  2. For people at the manager level, there was no proper means to track individuals’ performance.

    • How many calls were made by each agent? 
    • How many of the total leads got dead? 
    • What were the major reasons for leads getting dead?

    In such situations, it gets difficult for a manager to measure the productivity of individual agents.

  3. Insurance selling involves two perspectives, the discount part on the customer side and the commission part on the policy provider side.

    For giving a discount to any customer above a certain percentage, the agent had to take approval from a senior person as it directly impacts the commission received from that deal.

    This approval was done manually, and it involved a lot of paperwork. 

    A delay in approval could result in losing a deal. And hence the process needed some changes. 

  4. Each Agent had their own separate excel sheet for managing the entire process. This means the customer data was not centralized at one location.

    Since the data was not centralized, it was challenging for the renewal team to keep track of renewals.

    Also, having data in an excel file was not secure. The data can be easily replicated and shared.

After going through their case and understanding their business flow and process, we deployed 2 of our Solutions. Enjay Synapse & Sangam CRM

Situation After using Sangam CRM

  • Sangam CRM not only allowed AHI to centralize their customers’ data, but it also allowed them to track the progress of customers’ Insurance policies over different Stages.

    Now, managers can easily track the status of Insurance policies from the CRM. 

  • Upon completion of an Activity on one stage, an activity for the next stage automatically gets generated. Managers of that stage can easily assign that task/activity to agents below them.

  • Each Activity Assigned to Agents has its timeline. On their respective dashboards, agents can easily see the total Activities to be done before the end of the day. 

    This allowed agents to finish all assigned activities before it gets overdue. Managers can also track agents’ Activities and push them if the activity is Overdue.

  • Sangam CRM also allowed Auto-hanger to set an Approval Flow. Agents don’t have to go physically to their seniors to get approval on discounts.

    An automatic approval request gets generated in CRM, which goes directly to the concerned senior Member. From the CRM, that senior person can approve and disapprove the request.

  • Through Reports of CRM, Managers get reports on the total number of Calls made by each Agent. This allowed managers to track Agents’ Performance.

  • Managers also get reports on the Total deals won by each Agent. This allowed managers to track Agent’s Productivity. 

  • The Schedule Report feature of Sangam CRM allowed AHI to schedule a report for Renewal. This schedule report allowed the AHI renewal division to work on deals whose renewals are near.

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