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Manufacturing CRM: Case Study of Mr. Kitchen

How Mr Kitchen, a manufacturer of Modular Kitchen appliances, tackled their Shortcomings with our Manufacturing CRM.

Mr. Kitchen is a modular kitchen manufacturer in Pune. With over 17 years of experience, Mr Kitchen has filled the heart of many homes with aesthetic, composed, and stylish kitchens.



Team Size

More than 50


Sales & Service

They cater directly to B2C customers through their Franchise Outlet, which is again based in Pune. In addition to walk-in leads through franchise outlets, they receive leads from various other sources, such as Facebook, IndiaMart, Google Ads, Customer References and their Website.

They used to handle these leads over Excel. And as it was getting difficult & challenging to handle the operations over Excel, they started looking for solutions like CRM.

Before switching to our Sangam CRM (Manufacturing CRM ), they explored other CRMs and tools, which turned out to be expensive & didn’t offer much customisation, which Mr. Kitchen Team was looking for.

It’s been More than a year now, and Mr. Kitchen’s team has been happily using Sangam CRM.

Challenges Faced by Mr Kitchen & How our Manufacturing CRM Addressed them

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  • The Major challenge for Mr. Kitchen’s team was Managing leads from various sources such as Facebook, Google Ads, and the Website. Everything was decentralised.

    Sangam CRM Allowed them to centralise the leads., through API & Zapier Integration.

  • Another Challenge for Mr. Kitchen was to track the progress made by the Sales rep on leads. The managers were always in concern of, are the sales reps doing proper follow-up or not.

    Sangam CRM’s OPR Dashboard allowed Sales reps to get reminders for their follow-ups, allowing them to do timely follow-ups. From the very same dashboard, managers are now able to monitor the progress of the team.

  • For Mr. Kitchen, knowing why a particular lead/opportunity could not turn into business was critical. Due to unstructured and Scattered data in Excel, doing such analysis was difficult.

    Sangam CRM allowed them to do such analysis and identify what went wrong.

Key Modules & Features Used by Mr. Kitchen in our Manufacturing CRM

Lead & Opportunity Module

They use sangam CRM’s lead & opportunity module to manage their sales process from inquiry creation to Sales closure; everything is managed here.

OPR Dashboard & Report

They use OPR Dashboard and Report Module to get complete reporting. This reporting allowed them to track the progress of the Lead, opportunity and tickets.

Project & Task Module

They use this module for two significant purposes. One is during the sales process when the sales rep visits to client’s place to do a space survey, and the second is during the Installation process when the installation team does the installation.

Ticket Module

After the sales and installation, customers may have complaints and queries. After the customer raises the complaint over call, the service team creates a ticket within CRM which is then assigned to the concerned service person to address the issue.

KYC Module

They use our CRM’s KYC Modules to keep customer information.

Key Integrations Used by Mr. Kitchen

Zapier Integration

To bring leads from Facebook directly to CRM, we have used third-party integration called Zapier. Zapier allows the connection between Meta’s Lead Gen Form & Sangam CRM.

Website Integration

Website & Indiamart Integration: Website and Indiamart are directly integrated with Sangam CRM through our API. This integration brings leads from Website directly to CRM.

India's No 1 Manufacturing CRM

Sangam CRM is for your sales, distributors, and extended sales teams. The Sangam Helpdesk manages Customer Service and maintenance contracts.

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