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Here are CRM Testimonials from few of our renowned clients across different industries we serve.
IT Industry
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Mr. Sanjeev Nimbkar

Mr. Sanjeev Nimbkar has been using Sangam CRM since 2022. What he liked about Enjay was our tailored approach to implementation. He says, that with the best support staff, Sangam CRM is scalable, adaptive, and configurable.

Chartered Accountant
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Mr. Amit Savarkar

Mr. Amit Savarkar, a key member of the Baheti & Somani, a CA firm based in Pune. Watch this video and discover how sangam CRM helped his company enhanced their project management, client relationships and achieve overall business efficiency.

Manufacturing Industry
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Mr. Rajesh Bhatewara

In this video, Mr. Rajesh Bhatewara, owner of Mr. Kitchen has shared how sangam CRM has helped him and his company address the shortcomings. Before Sangan CRM, they tried other CRMs, which turned out to be expensive & didn’t offer much customisation.

Hotel Industry
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Mr. Vishal Kamat

Mr. Vishal Kamat is director at Kamat Group of Hotels. In his sharing, he mentioned that initially, Enjay's CRM was a very misfit product. But with time & effort from both the teams at Enjay & Kamat's, the product evolved and now they are very happy with the product.

Wealth Management Industry
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Mr. Ashish Pratihar

In this video, Mr. Ashish Pratihar, Senior Manager at NJ India Investment, has shared NJ India's incredible journey to success. With the help of Sangam CRM, Today, NJ India Investment proudly serves 35,000 active mutual fund distributors and 28 lakh investors, more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Wealth Management Industry
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Mr. S P Toshniwal

Mr. S. P. Toshniwal is founder & CEO of Prostocks, a stock broker company based in Mumbai. What he liked most about Enjay is that Enjay never over-commit and always delivered their commitments on time. He shared about his business process and its complexity & how he was able to address it through Sangam CRM.

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