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Do you need a CRM? Whether you should buy it?

It’s not your industry that decides whether you need a CRM or not; It’s your sales process and after-sales service. And yes, your team size is important.

Is CRM Costly? Five-way analysis.

CRM is costly only if we don’t use it. Also, we should consider it as a necessary HR expenditure. Why do we provide Tea/Coffee or chairs for our team members to work? To increase employee productivity. Right? CRM also comes in the same category.

How to buy a CRM? The secrets that no one tells you

Your CRM requirement cannot come from CRM features. Your CRM requirement comes from the problems that you want to solve and the goals you want to achieve.

How not buy a CRM? Seven mistakes to avoid

Old methods of purchase and procurement don’t work with CRM. Traditional methods of comparison charts and Lowest bidder wins don’t work for buying a CRM.

Understanding Strategy, Implementation and Execution of CRM

Your CRM strategy, implementation, and execution need to be perfect to succeed in your CRM journey.