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Sangam CRM

Enrol for our Sangam CRM courses to learn, How Sangam CRM works?

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We have courses for users, Admins, CRM Sellers & Partners & SMB Owners.

Certified Sangam CRM

Understand the complete usage & Philosophy of using Sangam CRM.

Certified Sangam CRM Administrator

Learn to Customize & Configure elements of Sangam CRM.

Certified Sangam CRM
Seller / Consultant

Learn the Art & Science of Selling CRM to any Business Entity.

Certified Sangam CRM Business Owner

Learn to prevent failures while buying, implementing and using CRM

Certified Sangam CRM Professional for IT Industry

Learn to deploy CRM to IT businesses that have very typical business processes & challenges.

Find your Course combinations, to meet your Business Needs.

Enrolling for just one random course wouldn’t be enough. Depending on your business role & Profile, you will have to go with combination of courses.

Features of FreeCRMUserAdminTeam leader/
Certified Sangam CRM USER
Certified Sangam CRM Seller / Consultant
Certified Sangam CRM Coach / Business Leader
Certified Sangam CRM Professional for IT Industry

E.g. If you are boss/owner of your company, you should go with total of 3 course, i.e. Certified sangam CRM User, Certified Sangam CRM Admin & Certified Sangam CRM Coach.

If you are a college graduate, you can do 3 courses. I.e. Certified Sangam User,  Certified sangam CRM admin &  Certified Sangam CRM Sales consultant.

How our courses are different from other CRM Course Providers?

Our courses are Process-wise, Unlike other courses which are Modules based.
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