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Sangam CRM

Every 15 days we arrange concept talk which covers a topic which is related to CRM.

These are not CRM product walk-throughs (or technical demos) but concept discussions, with a little bit of CRM UI also.
Previously Held Sangam CRM Concept Talks

New Features of Sangam CRM

1. Understand What is Data-Duplication?
2. Understand the Implications of it & why it should be avoided.
3. Live Walkthrough of How can Sangam CRM prevent it from Happening?
4. Live Walkthrough How can you rectify (Correct) your Old Duplicate Data?

Sangam CRM Integration with Tally

1. Payment Collection made easy.
2. Short-term projected cash flow directly from CRM.
3. No duplicate entries, No data reconciliation.
4. Make quotations in CRM and convert them to invoice in Tally.
5. Integrate CRM attendance module to Payroll in Tally.

Managing Attendance in Sangam CRM

1. Introduction to Attendance Management through CRM.
2. Mass Comment feature.
3. Owner notification
4. All Overdue List in one single click on Dashboard

Unveiling the magical secrets behind the Most loved CRM in India.

All of our clients who have been using Sangam CRM, have seen how it works. But the real magic is behind the scenes. The Admin Panel – Where all the configuration and settings are done, Which makes your CRM, truly yours.

Why my sales team is failing to achieve their targets and what to do about it

We have a special guest this time for Sangam CRM Concept Talk, Ms. Dhara J. Rajpara, (LIFE & ENTREPRENEUR COACH)

CRM Champions Meet

1. What features of CRM they are using and why they chose to buy CRM.
2. What challenges they faced while implementing the CRM
3. How they overcame those challenges.
4. What difference they see after implementing CRM.
5. Q & A.

Whatsapp Marketing in Sangam CRM

1. What is whatsapp campaign
2. How to create whatsapp templates
3. Introducing Whatapp Chatbot

Managing Customer Service/Complaints in CRM

1. Service Modules – Tickets, AMC, Product, Activity, Customers
2. Cost & Time Analysis for service tickets
3. Smart feedback
4. Customer based service analysis
5. AMC support

How to Implement Cross-Selling across your team

Everybody knows what cross-selling is, but it is very difficult to put into practice. Moreover, the complexity increases with a larger team. So how do you do it?

Sales Review and outcomes, Measuring Sales.

This is perhaps the biggest challenge that we all face. Further, there is almost no thumb rule to resolve this. Join us as Nandak Sir, unfolds the solution for us.

WhatsApp Campaign and Sales Funnel Analysis

1. Using WhatsApp Campaign and sending msgs.
2. Advanced Sales funnel analysis with CRM Reports.
3. Data Quality Analysis with CRM Reports.

Optimizing Sales Process & Quotation in CRM (Part : 2)

How to manage sales process in CRM including sales cycle for existing vs new customers?
How to manage sales and sales team in pandemic?
Importance of quotations in the sales process.

Managing Sales in Pandemic

How to manage your Sales process and Sales team in Pandemic and Lock-down. Sangam CRM with the Mobile app is optimized for work from Home (anywhere).

Leads v/s Opportunities

What is the difference between Lead and Opportunity?When to convert lead to opportunity?What should be the lead qualifying criteria?

How to use OPR Dashboard for Sales Team Review

Why Sales Review is complex? Which Sales Metrics to measure? When and who should do the sales review?

Data Quality Management

Data Quality Management – why it’s important and how to achieve perfectly usable data from CRM. How you can perform DQM on existing data? How to achieve perfectly usable data? How regularly one should perform this activity?

Tracking the Sales Team and Process

What you achieve will be dependent on what you measure. Tracking the team alone is not enough (you need to track the process also). Any kind of tracking or monitoring is a cost, so choose wisely. You cannot track everything. Decide what to track and what to measure. Tracking is useless, if there is no action after the tracking. (corrections).

Reporting in CRM

How to extract meaningful data from your CRM, which helps in making decisions.CRM has lots of information stored in the system. However, any CRM is as useful as the actionable insights or knowledge uncovered by it.

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