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How Capricot, a leading IT software and hardware firm manages there Sales and Service through Sangam CRM

How Capricot, a leading IT software and hardware firm manages its Sales and Service through Sangam CRM.

Capricot was founded in Nov 2013 by four different companies who were working independently with locations in Delhi, Hydrabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore. 

They got together to form Capricot with the goal of being a one-stop solution for hardware and software. They tied up with leading brands such as Autodesk, HP, Dell, Adobe, Bentley, Trimble, etc.

Since its formation, Capricot has expanded to 8 locations across India with a team of 230+ members, and now Capricot also started providing design services that focus on Building Information Modeling (BIM)  to solve the building and infrastructure industry’s construction challenges from the start to finish.

Capricot Leading IT software and Hardware firm.


IT Services and Consultancy


Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi

Team Size

More than 250

Purpose of Using CRM

Sales and Service Management

How they Found Enjay’s CRM (SangamCRM)

  • Capricot is an IT service and consulting business that initially started from Excel to manage its operations. As the company grew and became more complex, the founders realized the power of technology in business and began exploring different CRM options. They tried many different CRMs but were ultimately unable to use them effectively.

  • Eventually, Sharad Hulji, the founder of Capricot, came across Enjay and our product Sangam CRM. He introduced the software to his team and it quickly became a hit.

  • Initially, only the Mumbai office was using Enjay CRM but within the time span of one year and a half, they decided to expand the implementation of  Sangam CRM to all the other branches of Capricot.
Capricot Leading IT software and Hardware firm.

“Because of the option of check-in and check-out, physically when we are on a visit, we were also able to get the understanding of how many minutes we are spending on an average with a customer. This was addressed by Sangam CRM and this was one of our burning issues”

Capricot Major Challenges & How Enjay addressed them

Discover how Capricot overcame operational challenges with Sangam CRM. From lead tracking to sales forecasting, customer engagement to support management, our case study showcases how Sangam CRM streamlined Capricot’s processes, transforming them into a model of efficiency and excellence.


  • Capricot used to manage everything on Excel, which made it difficult to track leads sources. They would get leads from different sources like websites, telephony, partners, and vendors.

    Now, With Sangam CRM in place, if any inquiries come in, the concerned person can create leads. This way, all the leads that come from different sources will be recorded in one place.

    Sales managers can now easily check the leads and assign them to team members for follow-up. Additionally, it is now possible to track how many leads are being converted into opportunities.


  • Another problem they were facing had to do with understanding the sales funnel. Because Excel doesn’t work with live data, it was difficult to get a clear idea of what customers were in the pipeline and what actions had been taken on prospective customers.

    Now, every detail of the process from lead creation to closing deals is recorded in the CRM. This helps them understand the sales funnel more clearly. 


  • Back in the day, it was difficult for the sales team to do sales forecast at the end of the month.

    Now, with the help of Sangam CRM, proper data analysis is possible, and expected sales are easily visible. This helps the management in setting realistic sales targets for their teams.


  • Another problem they had was not being able to track the amount of time their team was spending on each customer.

    The call syncing feature of Sangam CRM was extremely beneficial to them as it allowed the team to keep track of how long each member spent on a call with a customer.

    This way, they can keep track of how much time is being spent on each customer, and make sure that they’re providing the best possible service.


  • At Capricot, their major source of revenue comes from providing excellent customer service and really understanding their client’s needs.

    With our check-in and check-out feature, whenever anyone from their team visits a customer location, they can check in at the location of the meeting and check out when the meeting is over. This way, Capricot can keep track of how much time their team is spending on-site with clients.

    This feature also allows visitors to attach checklists so they can see exactly what work was done during the visit. 


  • Earlier, if a customer needed any support, it was managed via call and email. However, there was no proper automated system in place where the concerned team could see all the support requests that had been raised and what actions the Capricot team had taken to resolve them.

    Now, with the help of Inbound ticket management, if a customer needs support, they can email a specific address and an automated ticket will be generated in the CRM system.

    Once a ticket is generated, it will show up on the OPR dashboard. The team can see how many tickets have been raised by the customer and then the concerned person can easily assign this ticket to the right person from the team to support the customer.

    This is how Sangam CRM helped Capricot in managing sales and service in the best possible way

Key Modules/Features used by Capricot

Sales & Marketing Management

Sangam CRM streamlines sales processes using modules like Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, and Quotation. Communication tools (Calls, Messages, Emails) enhance client engagement for effective product promotion and superior service management..

Report Module

Reports module is valuable and essential for making sales-related decisions. With its clear insights, the Head of Sales has gained the ability to forecast with enhanced accuracy, enabling more confident and effective strategic planning.

Service Management

The Ticket module empowers Capricot's superior customer support via inbound ticket management. This streamlined approach ensures meticulous issue tracking and timely, efficient resolutions.

Activities Module

The Activities and Attachments modules facilitate precise tracking of customer touchpoints and the tasks executed during each interaction, enhancing Capricot's comprehensive customer insights..

Customizations & Integration

Opportunity Module

Capricot's customized Autodesk opportunities module seamlessly unites Autodesk software with Sangam CRM, facilitating automatic transfer of portal-generated opportunities to CRM records..

Agreement Module

The agile agreement module takes charge of renewals, recording key details like opportunity ownership, agreement number, and renewal date, ensuring a streamlined and effective renewal management process..

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Other Case Studies

Best CRM For IT Industry

How CRM addressed challenges of Value Point System, South Asia’s leading IT Company.

How CRM addressed challenges of Value Point System, South Asia’s leading IT Company.

Value Point System, a 30-year-old Bangalore-based company, is one of South Asia’s leading Digital Systems & Service Integrators.

They have collaborated with numerous IT Partners to help their clients achieve their respective goals by delivering innovative, optimum solutions and services.


IT Services


Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai

Team Size

More than 300

Purpose of Using CRM

Sales Management

Softline Group recently acquired Value Point Systems, and with this acquisition, the value point system aims to strengthen it’s business and capabilities.

So far, Value Point Systems have catered its service to over 15,000 large enterprises and SMEs worldwide, including Fortune 500 customers. Their Portfolio includes Cyber Security, Data Centre Modernization, Network Transformation, Cloud Transformation, Digital Workspace & IT Managed Services.

How they Found Enjay’s CRM

Value Point System knew that having this extensive portfolio and catering to clients worldwide wouldn’t be easy without a tool. And that is when they started using CRM in their Business.

They tried various CRMs. They even started using a very renowned and Multi-National CRM. But, it was very Inflexible, complex & costly

Later, they discovered that many of the Major Players in their vertical were Happily using Enjay’s CRM as they were getting the required results.

And that is when they decided to switch over to Enjay’s CRM, and It’s been two years now; Value Point System has been using our CRM, which is economical, user-friendly & flexible.

"Enjay’s CRM is the CRM we have used for the Longest Period without any hassles or challenges. The best part about Enjay’s CRM is it got customized the way we wanted, without any questions or challenges. The team was very cooperative throughout the process"

Their Major Challenges & How Enjay addressed them

  • Value Point System wanted a Single Dashboard Reporting System from where managers could get quick insights and take required actions. But as they have multiple divisions, their data was very scattered.

    Enjay’s CRM simply centralized Value Point’s entire data. And through Enjay’s OPR (Open, Periodic, and Result) dashboard, their goal of Single Dashboard reporting was fulfilled.

    Sangam CRM has a Revolutionary OPR Dashboard that makes the reporting easy and standardized.

"I would want to see the report the way I want to see it. We faced many challenges with other CRM because of their limitations. Making few customizations would require different APIs, and then there was a cost involved with It. In that perspective, Enjay’s CRM is very User-Friendly"

  • Sales heads responsible for different solutions/services were unable to track the progress of prospects within the sales funnel.

    The OPR dashboard of our CRM allowed Managers of the Value Point System to quickly and conveniently identify available prospects and opportunities in the pipeline.

    The OPR dashboard also provides details like numbers of leads and opportunities, sales-person, and product-wise.

    One can easily create Projection Reports in CRM. The projection keeps the team on track; this allows the manager to take timely actions when things are not going right.

Key Modules/features used by Value Point System

Sales Modules

They use our Modules such as Lead, Opportunity, Contact & Account to collect & manage information about prospects & clients.

Report Module

They use our CRM Reports for creating sales forecasts (Weekly & Quarterly), for measuring achieved sales - product-wise and salesperson-wise, and for measuring their team’s activities.

Activity Module

They use our activity module for timely follow-ups with OEMs.

Customizations & Integration

Field-level Customizations

They made few Field Level customizations in CRM which significantly contributed to their forecast reporting.
Some field-level customizations also helped them prioritize opportunities in the pipeline, allowing sales agents to focus more on opportunities where it is required most

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